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What we leave behind are our deeds, the deeds which shape the future of our children. We being the most intelligent creatures on this planet; invent, develop, build, and consequently destroy.

We save money, we create assets so that our children have a secure future but, what kind of environment do we leave behind for them?

Established in 2007 Poribesh Poriseba is a Kolkata based NGO putting up constant efforts to spread environmental awareness and acting upon the causes that pollute our environment.

It is in our little ways that we make up for the harm we have done to our Mother Earth with an ardent zeal to render back, what was not for ours to take. We take upon the responsibility of educating the people on environmental pollution by addressing upon environmental issues, setting up study camps and engaging promotional activities.


To prevent our Mother Earth from further being polluted further and  making her green and rippling again.


To create great impact on every individual by imparting Environmental Education through innovations and strengthening our organisation.
Governing Body


1. Sannata Bose President
2. Amit Pal Vice President
3. Arun Kumar Kar Secretary
4. Paritosh Das Assistant Secretary
5. Pintu Kumar Bose Treasurer
6. Sumanta Kumar Paul Executive Member
7. Kausik Hansda Executive Member
Our Mentors


Ram Chandra Biswas World Cyclist
Dr. Arnab Chatterjee Ex Lecturer, Marine Science, University Of Western Brittany, France
Prof. Satyen Jana Geography, Environmental Science, St.Xaviers, Kolkata
Dr. Sayantan Bannerjee Assistant Professor, Clinical Microbiology, ESI Medical College, Joka, Kolkata
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Information coming up soon





Information coming up soon

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