Lend A Hand  

There is abundant scope for volunteering which can be done by participating physically or by providing online support.

People interested in social service through our events please send your emails at contact@poribeshporiseba.org  with the subject written as Volunteer and  send us your contact number.


How to donate
Send A/c. Payee cheques in favour of Poribesh Poriseba at

16/17 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
Monmohan Park
Kolkata– 700008
Tax exemption Information
All donations to Poribesh Poriseba are 50% exempt from tax u/s. 80G

If you want to have tax benefits send your claim along with the cheque. Tax exemption certificates will be delivered to you within 30 days.  

For Corporates
Corporate Houses are welcome to participate in our noble venture as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility and also to avail of Tax benfit.

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